The internet used to be ✨fun✨

I’ve been meaning to write some kind of Important Thinkpiece™ on the glory days of the early internet, but every time I sit down to do it, I find another, better piece that someone else has already written. So for now, here’s a collection of articles that to some degree answer the question “Why have a personal website?” with “Because it’s fun, and the internet used to be fun.”

If you’ve written something that feels like it belongs here—especially if your voice is one that’s frequently underrepresented—I’d be interested to read it! Holler at me via email (kwon at, or on Mastodon (

Article Author Date published Date added ↓
Taking an Internet Walk Spencer Chang
Kristoffer Tjalve
-- 2023-11-12
tiny internets Spencer Chang
-- 2023-11-12
You Should Have a Website Mark Murphy
-- 2023-11-12
Notes on the small web Felix Pleşoianu
2022-09-10 2023-10-24
The Quiet Web Brian Koberlein
2021-02-12 2023-10-24
Rediscovering the Old Internet Vibe
2023-09-07 2023-10-24
Soft tech Helena Jaramillo
-- 2023-10-24
How to fix the internet Katie Notopoulos
2023-10-17 2023-10-19
Social Internet Is Dead. Get Over It. Om Malik
2023-10-15 2023-10-18
Build your own website! Devastatia del Gato
2023-07-09 2023-10-16
The Importance of Personal Websites Hayden White
2023-08-29 2023-10-16
Web Manifesto fLaMEd
2021-04-06 2023-09-30
why the web? Justin Hall
1995 2023-09-30
Exploring the Personal Web
2023-05-06 2023-09-30
Why you should have a blog (and write in it) Leticia Portella
2020-06-21 2023-09-30
My 20th anniversary of blogging! Tracy Durnell
2023-09-23 2023-09-30
Bix's story of his internet Bix Frankonis
2020-02-24 2023-09-18
About me (localghost) Sophie Koonin
-- 2023-09-12
At home on the internet Johnny Rodgers
-- 2023-09-12
How I experience web today Li Guangyi
-- 2023-09-12
About this website Zinzy Waleson Geene
-- 2023-09-12
How the Blog Broke the Web Amy Hoy
-- 2023-09-12
I miss the internet. Joan Westenberg
2023-07-07 2023-09-12
Every person on the planet should have their own website Amin Eftegarie
2023-07-06 2023-09-12
Eight years of blogging Paweł Grzybek
2023-03-11 2023-09-12
Blogging is alive and well Colin Devroe
2023-01-11 2023-09-12
The Year of the Personal Website Matthias Ott
2023-01-06 2023-09-12
Bring back personal blogging Monique Judge
2022-12-31 2023-09-12
Passionless Web Manuel Moreale
2022-08-16 2023-09-12
Building a Digital Homestead, Bit by Brick Tom Critchlow
2022-03-08 2023-09-12
Early Web Design Helped a Generation Express Themselves Online. How Do We Capture That Feeling Again? Nika Simovich Fisher
2022-03-08 2023-09-12
The Joys and Sorrows of Maintaining a Personal Website "Cheapskate"
2022-03-06 2023-09-12
On building a home on the web Daniël van der Winden
2022-02-25 2023-09-12
How Websites Die Wesley Aptekar-Cassels
2022-02-21 2023-09-12
“Tom had us all doing front-end web development”: a nostalgic (re)imagining of Myspace Kate M. Miltner
Ysabel Gerrard
2021-10-07 2023-09-12
Why Personal Websites are Important Chuck Carroll
2021-03-25 2023-09-12
The Value of a Personal Site Marc
2021-03-15 2023-09-12
The small web is beautiful Ben Hoyt
2021-03-01 2023-09-12
envisioning my homepage as an online therapeutic space Winnie Lim
2020-11-22 2023-09-12
Hunting the Nearly-Invisible Personal Website "Cheapskate"
2020-08-27 2023-09-12
What is the Small Web? Aral Balkan
2020-08-07 2023-09-12
Rediscovering the Small Web Parimal Satyal
2020-05-25 2023-09-12
On attention management & owning your content Roel van der Ven
2017-06-04 2023-09-12
Stop Crowdsourcing Your Confidence Darius Foroux
2016-08-25 2023-09-12
Homesteading 2014 Frank Chimero
2013-12-21 2023-09-12
Death to Bullshit Brad Frost
2013-04-08 2023-09-12
A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden Maggie Appleton
2020 2023-09-12
E/N (Everything/Nothing) JR (Sawv)
2017 2023-09-12